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Coming February 2nd / The Making Podcast

Here’s a little preview of the Making podcast, Season No. 1 / COLOR…


For the past few months we’ve been busy getting the new Making podcast off the ground. As many of you know, Carrie and I (ashley) joined forces last October and the Woolful podcast is now known as the Making podcast, same format and approach to each makers creative journey’s, but now expanded to all types of makers.

…Welcome to Making, a podcast for makers. I’m excited to share with you some incredible people I’ve had the opportunity to talk to in this community we love so much. From knitters and quilters to builders and painters, here’s where you get to listen to a little part of their making journey…

The first episode of Season No. 1 / COLOR launches next Friday, February 2nd…and it’s extra special being that Carrie and I are the guests. Neither of us have ever been interviewed for a podcast so we thought it would be fun to kick off this new adventure together, sharing our own maker journey’s.

January 16, 2018 by Ashley Yousling
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Joy Laine

Joy Laine said:

Love the podcast. Thanks!


Denise said:

How often will you do a podcast?

Carolyn Nicholls

Carolyn Nicholls said:

Love the podcast…being able to hear the real voices of the maker & reading along with magazine…

Anne B

Anne B said:

Love the podcast. Will have to start with the back episodes of woolful now too! Thanks!

Susan G

Susan G said:

The podcast is just like the magazine! Classy,!inspiring and full of great information.

Carrie McBride

Carrie McBride said:

So glad to have my favorite fiber podcast back—thank you!!


Debbie said:

Love the new podcast!


christina said:

Just found this podcast, I love it! Also have 3 of the making zine editions. Can’t wait for Color!


Bett said:

Trying to get a walking program off the ground. Taking your podcast outside with me this morning was inspiring. Can’t wait for my next issue of Making. Thanks!!

Janice Stokes

Janice Stokes said:

Love the new Making podcast! Excited about your new venture together.

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