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Making DUSK submission call
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Making No. 12 Submission Fall 2021

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We invite you to contribute to Making No. 12 for Fall 2021! For this issue, we are centering the shades of purple, from light to dark. We love the soothing effects of lavender, the mellowing depth of wine, and just saying the word periwinkle feels like a warm blanket. We pulled inspiration from the hues within purple agate, a stone for relaxation and tranquility. It awakens hidden talents and rebalances our energy.  

Let’s celebrate this time for rest and rejuvenation, for grounding and letting loose. Think patterns for throw pillows, linen robes, cozy wool slippers and pouches to hold makeup remover. We imagine the sweaters being worn while having a midnight serving of figs and tea, the perfect couch nap companion, an easeful project to enjoy after work, the snuggle buddy for a healing journaling session. Floor length slip dresses to wear while watching the sunset. 

Many of us are spending more time at home than we ever have. We are looking for crafts to beautify our homes, from wall hangings to handmade games made of machine washable materials. An indoor hop scotch mat, a checker’s quilt, a pair of hand embroidered dice.

We envision lounge wear garments for the home schooling parent, the artist who loves a one-piece jumpsuit, the acupuncturist healing from their living room. Propose a pair of pajama pants that totally pass as real pants on Zoom. 

Pick the shade of purple that helps you reflect on your day in preparation for the next one. We would love for you to submit projects that invoke your own relaxation. 

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