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2018 Sheep Wall Calendar

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This calendar is a celebration, of wool, friendship and nature.

The fibers we work with each tell a story. Where they originated, who cared for them, and what they are to become.

Our hope for you in 2018, is that you’ll find more blessings within your making than ever before. Whether you knit, dye, crochet, weave, spin or sew - there is far more to learn, experience and appreciate.

- Ashley & Carrie

Emily Walker is the gifted artist behind all of this year’s beautiful illustrations. Find her work on Instagram @fernsandfins

  • Featuring 12 sheep breeds + 12 natural dye plants, illustrated by Emily Walker
  • 13 pages, Mohawk Superfine Eggshell Cover 120#
  • 9.5" x 13" Double spiral with hanger

January | Sumac - Cheviot - inspired by the sheep of Emily Chamelin-Hickman
February | French broom - Rambouillet - inspired by the yarn of YOTH Yarns
March | Persimmon - California Red - inspired by the sheep of Carly Malloy
April | Eucalyptus - Clun Forest - inspired by the sheep of Mary Pettis-Sarley
May | Curly dock - Herdwick - inspired by the sheep of Beatrix Potter
June | Zinnia - Babydoll Southdown - inspired by the sheep of Peter Downie
July | Logwood - Delaine Merino - inspired by the sheep of Beaverslide
August | Lodgepole pine - Finnsheep - inspired by the sheep of Local Color Fiber Studio
September | Tansy - Ouessant - inspired by the sheep of Capella Grazing Project
October | Black walnut - Lleyn - inspired by the sheep of In the Wool Shed
November | Sheep sorrel - British Milk Sheep - inspired by the sheep of Milk House Farm and Dairy
December | Trembling aspen - Faroese - inspired by the yarn made by The Island Wool Company



2018 Sheep Wall Calendar

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