Maine, United States

Cedar Waxwing Hooked Pillow Kit

$ 75.00

Elizabeth Miller is a regular contributor to Making. In issue No. 8 / FOREST she has created a lovely little 6" x 6" [15.3 cm x 15.3 cm] hooked pillow pattern - the Cedar Waxwing Hooked Pillow.

The kit includes enough materials to create one 6" x 6" [15.3 cm x 15.3 cm] pillow:
- one hand-drawn pattern on high quality hooking linen with 4" [10.2 cm] or greater frame allowance and serged edges
- all wool required to complete the design as shown, cut to size 5 and ready to hook
- yarn for berries
- piece of wool for backing

To complete the project, you will need:
- instructions in Making No. 8 / FOREST
- Medium rug hook, suitable for cut sizes 5–8
- basic sewing tools 
- 100% cotton thread
- small bead for bird's eye
- (Optional) One half pound bag of Balsam filling available for purchase here: Balsam Fir (alternately may be filled with wool stuffing)