Maine, United States

Moeke Stela - Romanian wool

$ 8.00

137 yd / 60 g of single ply light worsted weight, 100% Romanian wool, undyed 

Recommended needle size, US 3 - 6 (3.25 - 4.00 mm)

*This yarn is very rustic and while some may be able to tolerate it against the skin, we think it's shines brightest when used for rugs and housewares.*

Stela is the result of mixing wool from two sheep breeds, both adult sheep and young lambs. The wool from the adult sheep was natural white while the lambs had beautiful brown and black patches. Mixing them together produced a beautiful subtle shade of light grey with brown pixels here and there. Stela was named after the creator of this yarn's mother.

This yarn is particularly suited to make durable garments such as bags or slippers. Because no chemicals were used while processing the wool, it is also well suited for making things for the children's room. More information about Stela yarn is available here.

Moeke Yarns was created by Ioana van Deurzen and her family to give back to her Romanian community, and to honor her grandmother, Elena. You can hear more about Ioana and her family's journey to create this yarn here