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Maine, United States

Digital Only – 2021 Subscription to Making: No. 11 & 12 and Winter Vol. 2 / GIFTS

$ 78.00
*This subscription is for Digital issues only*
– Subscriptions include 3 issues; No. 11 / DAWN & No. 12 / DUSK, and Winter Vol. 2 / GIFTS. GIFTS will be sent via email for download once purchase is completed.

Winter Vol. 2 / GIFTS – Digital (November 2020), includes designs from: Kristine Vejar, Sanae Ishida, Paula Pereira, Susan B Anderson, Norah Gaughan, Youngmin Lee, Emily Clark, Deborah Fisher, Cecily Glowik MacDonald, Annabel Williams, Daisy Aschehoug, Jill Gordon, and Angela Tong.

*See project previews for GIFTS above*

No. 11 / DAWN – Digital (April 2021)includes projects and artwork by Charlotte Edey, Sanae Ishida, Arounna Khounnoraj, Kristine Vejar, Susan B Anderson, Carolanne Graham, Julia Grace, Molly George, Amy Bornman, Kayla Powers, Tamar Dovrat, Emily Clark, Anne-Michelle Phelan, Paula Pereira, Bernice Lim, Nataliya Sinelshchikova, Tayler Harris. Nataliya Guseva, Susanna Kaartinen, Ksenia Naidyon and Ezgi Tandogan Onat.

*See project previews of DAWN above*

No. 12 / DUSK  Digital (October 29, 2021 release day), includes projects and artwork by Rachel Gloria Adams, Bess Casey Wilke, Louisa Burtonshaw, Alexis Bailey, Kristine Vejar, Kimberly Hamlin, Tatiana Sarasa, Katia Ferris, Elizabeth Miller, Katie Dionne, Leila Raven, Tiffany Chen, Norah Gaughan, Eline Alcocer, Camille Romano, Saysha Greene, Ksenia Naidyon, Susan B Anderson, Julie Robinson, Paula Pereira, Elena Solier Jansà and Kathy Hattori.

*See project previews of DUSK above*

Knit and sew garment patterns are sized up to fit at least a 60" bust measurement.