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*BRIGHT Collective members receive 40% off our maker retreat Ritual, find more info HERE

BRIGHT Collective is a monthly community membership experience delivered directly to your inbox and Making app account on the 25th of each month. Members receive monthly e-zines including curated craft patterns, essays, recipes, member discounts, special community events, and more! 

- Annual memberships include our Winter No. 4 / GIFTS publication 

what's happening this month?
  • Vol. 06: Spicy Squash Rice Bowl recipe, sewn Journal cover instructions, Stamp carving and printing by Lynda Shoup, Crossword Puzzle by Michelle Beckett and Carrie Cooper, Choose your own adventure story, Rose skin serum recipe, and Photo essay: Rose, Plant of the month. (Releases Jan 25)
  • members-only gathering with Ashley Yousling & Carrie Bostick Hoge
  • exclusive Z-fabrics discount
exclusive curated content:
  • patterns, recipes, essays, exclusive discounts, and a monthly schedule of members-only events, delivered on the 25th of each month
  • 60+ page monthly e-zine that can be viewed on any device or downloaded to print, delivered on the 25th of each month
  • contributions by groundbreaking makers, artists, designers, activists, Making Co team more
bonus member perks:
  • monthly virtual gathering for BRIGHT Collective members
  • 40% off our maker retreat Ritual, find more info HERE
  • 40% off all past issues of Making Magazine
  • Rotating sponsor discounts to your favorite craft shops and brands
  • annual memberships include our Winter / GIFTS publication

    *New members will receive their first month of content when they subscribe and then on the 25th of each month when each new month's volume releases.