Maine, United States

Cashmere People Cashgora Sport

$ 48.00

260-359 yd / 100 g of sport weight yarn, 2-ply handspun, 100% Cashgora

Recommended needle size, US 3 - 5 (3.25- 3.75 mm)

Cashgora is a type of goat; a cross between angora goats (mohair) and cashmere producing goats. These animals are raised in Tajikistan and Afghanistan. The fiber is washed in Afghanistan and the yarn is handspun by co-operatives of women in Tajikistan. The label on each skein features a photo of the spinner. This yarn is available in hand-dyed colors and 2 undyed colors; Pamirs and Scree.

Cashgora is used in The Wax & Wane Scarf weaving project by Casey Ryder in Making issue No. 6 / BLACK & WHITE.

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