Maine, United States

Constellation Bandana Embroidery Kit & Pattern

$ 32.00

Kit with PDF pattern

By Kristine Vejar for A Verb for Keeping Warm

Featured in Making issue No 1. / FLORA.

The Constellation Bandana is a project inspired by the Khatri Indian tradition of ajrak cloths.

Ajrak cloth is made by block printing and naturally dyeing cloth with Indigo and Madder, and can be used in a variety of ways. In India you'll see them as turbans, scarves, and even as a hammock for a child. Make your own pretty wrap to adorn yourself or your home using this kit! The bandana would also make a lovely furoshiki for gift-giving.

Kit includes:

  • one naturally dyed 100% cotton bandana approx 21" square
  • 6 skeins of naturally dyed 100% cotton embroidery floss

To complete the project, you will need: