Maine, United States

Tide Pool at Dusk Rug Kits

$ 198.00 $ 99.00

Elizabeth Miller of Parris House Wool Works sourced and created materials for this stunning little rug for issue No. 12 / DUSK.

The kit includes materials to create one rug:
•  Pattern on linen with serged edges
•  A variety of wool fabrics, mostly hand dyed, already cut and/or torn to size into strips, ready to hook
•  Hand dyed sari silk yarn
•  Hand dyed light weight silk fabric, cut into strips
•  A variety of yarns

To complete the project, you will also need:
  Pattern in Making No. 12 / DUSK
Ruler or quilting square
Black fine tip Sharpie or fabric marking pen
  Thick-shank primitive/wide-cut rug hook, 5 mm or larger
  One large quilting hoop, with at least 1" [2.5 cm] high sides
  Embroidery scissors
  Sewing shears
  Serger or sewing machine
  3 yd [2.8 m] twill rug binding tape in coordinating or neutral color
  Strong sewing thread, matched to binding tape
  Sewing needle
  Straight pins
  Two towels (one bath towel and one hand towel)
  Wool cutter for hooking (optional)
  Ball winder and swift (optional)
  Rotary cutter and mat (optional)
  Optional embellishments: gemstone or glass beads, small buttons, sea glass