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Making / FAUNA contributor spotlight: Mollie Johanson
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Making / FAUNA contributor spotlight: Mollie Johanson

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Making would not be what it is without all of the talented artists who contribute projects to it's pages.  Meet Mollie Johanson who designed the Woodland Finger Puppet for this issue.

Tell us how you got started in your craft.

I come from a long line of crafty and creative folks, so in one sense, it just came naturally and from the time I was very young. I did some embroidery as a child, but it wasn't until my 20s that I really fell in love it with. Even then, it started as a way to make things with my drawings on them. Once I started stitching, there was no going back.
What is unique about your designs?

Most of the time my designs are uniquely me because they have little faces on them. As I've started making more animals, it's not unusual to have faces on them, so are they less unique? I guess I'd like to think that each of the things I draw and stitch is its own little character that is still my own style. I make things I like and that I'd want to hug, and hopefully that transfers to others too.
Share a funny story about something that's happened with a project.

It's never funny at the time, but I frequently have perilous projects. And always when there's a deadline. The scariest was when I had some red thread that ran and bled all over the white background fabric. I was panicking and quite sure that I would be remaking the whole thing. Thankfully my mom calmed me down and fixed it. I fully admit to being so irrational it's funny when these things happen!

Why are you excited about the project you designed for Making?

There was a time when drawing animals terrified me. I thought it was beyond my abilities. But once I found my own style for them, I was hooked. The nesting finger and hand puppets are inspired by some nesting mitts I had as a child. Each mitt had an element of a story on it. For my project, I like to think that the animals can become part of a story of their own. It's fun when I get to combine who I am now with something from my childhood!

What's your favorite color?
Can I say rainbow? I've always had a hard time choosing and keeping a favorite color, but lately I get super excited about any time I can put together a rainbow of color. Or put things in color order.

If you could collaborate with three people, who would they be and why?

I would love to come up with a collaborative project with my dear friend and fellow creative, Katie Green (, my brother Anders, a musician (, and my 11-year-old sister Grace, who is coming into her own as a crafter. I feel like this would be a good group to produce a fun themed game, a book with a soundtrack, or something creative that the world hasn't seen just yet.
Thank you, Mollie!