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Native American Heritage

Here at Making, recognizing injustices and fighting back with love and empathy is at the forefront of our hearts. We want to take this opportunity to show gratitude for Indigenous Peoples of America and share some amazing resources we have found. We are here to acknowledge their ancestral history and resilience and to protest the racism and oppression which they continue to experience today. We must acknowledge the comprehensive violent history of colonization, which includes centuries of genocide, theft of land and natural resources, treaty violations, forced relocation, and oppression. It is no secret that Native populations across the globe have the deepest connections to our land and knowledge of Earth's natural systems. If we care about the health of our planet, we must protect, give space, and celebrate the communities doing the most to preserve natural systems. We encourage you to explore the links below for more insight on Native American Heritage and actions you can take. 




Children’s books that celebrate Native stories:

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