Maine, United States


As a mission based company, our goal at Making is to grow with our community; to make change, extend compassion, and cultivate a culture of care through various touch points across our products, marketing, and community spaces. 
Since the early years at Making Magazine, our publications and team have continued to evolve in the direction of diversity and inclusion to ensure all makers feel represented in our pages and through our patterns, photography, and editorial features. 
So what does this look like for the magazine?
  • Showcasing BIPOC and underrepresented designers
  • Featuring models that represent our global community
  • Grading patterns for a more inclusive size range
  • Acknowledging the history and first peoples of the lands we feature
  • Addressing global issues that have an impact on us as makers and the larger community
  • Introducing BRIGHT, a new contributor-based publication centered on wellness and craftivism
As we build the Making app–which sprouted from an idea to meet makers where they are with tools and resources to succeed–we hope to bring more visibility and opportunity for all makers in our community, regardless of race, age, gender, location, economic circumstances, skill level, and craft backgrounds.
So what does this look like for the app?
  • Developing an algorithm that showcases diverse makers in our community
  • Highlighting underrepresented designers, small businesses, and independent voices
  • Cultivating a community that shares our values and will stand up for others
  • Prioritizing inclusive design and accessibility throughout our app experience
  • Encouraging makers to earn revenue through our marketplace and learning platforms
  • Creating and maintaining safe spaces in our virtual meetups, and classes
  • Exploring the history of making beyond Eurocentrism through our blog series
  • Supporting organizations aligned with our vision, mission, and values
  • Building a diverse, women-led team that challenges stereotypes in the tech industry
In 2022, we announced Making Change as a way to connect our values with the change makers in our communities and beyond. Our goal is to embody the vision, mission, and values of Making as individuals and community members. Each quarter, we will highlight organizations to support, and ways to create change through learning, listening, dialogue, and service. While organizational spotlights will rotate per quarter, we want to ensure our passions for lifelong learning and embracing change are constant.
To read more about our vision, values, and our team, please visit our About page.