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Making No. 2 / FAUNA Contributor Spotlight: Carolyn Friedlander

Enjoy an interview with Carolyn Friedlander, designer of the Scales Wallhanging Quilt for Making No. 2 / FAUNA!

Why are you excited about the project you designed for Making?

My project for Making was very fun to make! I liked combining several shades of blue, plus some metallics for the background. The fish were a playful addition that was also fun to mix in.

What's your favorite color?
I have several go-to colors, blues, orangey-red and citron yellow. They all make me very happy.

If you were going to create something just for fun today, what would it be?

I've been really wanting to sew up a pair of lawn pajamas. Lawn is super comfy, and I love the idea of a polished pair of pajamas with beautiful piping and fabric. One day soon, I'll do it!

What currently inspires you most?

Curiosity is usually what inspires me the most. Many of the things I make are things that I'm curious to see if they'll work out visually, technically, or both. I like that there are so many variables at play with you're making something. Changing up just one of them can lead to some exciting and unexpected results!

Thank you, Carolyn!

December 05, 2016 by Carrie Hoge