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Making No. 2 / FAUNA Contributor Spotlight: Melanie Berg
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Making No. 2 / FAUNA Contributor Spotlight: Melanie Berg

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Enjoy an interview with Melanie Berg!  She designed the Open Waters Shawl & Cowl for Making No. 2 / FAUNA.

Tell us a funny story related to a project or design.

Well, this is not actually a funny story, but it's a story that connects me strongly to the Open Waters Cowl that I designed for Making. In May this year, my grandmother, who was very sick at that time, passed away. It was not a quick passing, as for some reason, she didn't let go. She's been a tough woman all her life, so maybe that's why she clung to life as much as she could, and so we spent several days sitting beside her. All the women of my family were gathered there - my mother, my aunt, my sister and my cousin, and almost all of us were knitting! The project on my needles was the Open Waters Cowl - an easy pattern in a heavy weight yarn. My hands were working while we sat around my grandmother's bed, telling stories about her life - sad ones, but also many funny ones. I felt such a strong sense of community and togetherness, and knitting contributed to that. It's been very special days for me that I'll always remember, and they are one of the reason why I feel so connected to this design.

What's your favorite color?

I love all the colors - I really am a bit of a color fanatic. But I choose them very carefully in knitting, because I don't want my designs to look too colorful. So what I found works great for me is to use one or two color pops that I really love, and then combine them with neutrals. This is such a great way of adding color to your wardrobe without being too overwhelming.

If you could work any project today, what would it be?

That's an easy question - I'd make a Butterfly & Cocoon by Susan B. Anderson! I instantly fell in love with these little cuties when I first spotted them in Making. There's still a bit of time left before Christmas, so I might actually get started and knit a set for my kids - they'd totally love them!

Thanks, Melanie!