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Sponsor Spotlight: Purl Soho
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Sponsor Spotlight: Purl Soho

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Enjoy a chat with Making / FAUNA sponsor Purl Soho:

What is unique about your company or brand?

Our goal in everything we do is to bring fiber crafts into the modern discourse, while honoring their rich traditions and histories. Great design is an important component of this, but we believe beautiful materials and exquisite tools are just as important. In our experience, people's chances of success and joy (which are really the same thing) are so much greater when they really love what's in their hands.

Another thing that we have cared tremendously about since the very beginning is treating our customers as partners in this great, big pursuit of creativity and beauty. We respect our customers as creative engines, as sources of inspiration, as craftspeople and artists. We are happy to answer every single question that comes our way, but we also learn so much from our customers, and in that way, we really are a community.

What project of yours are you especially excited about, either current or forthcoming?

The winter holidays are such an inspiring time for crafting, and at Purl Soho we work all year long to make this time of year really special for our customers. This year we're especially excited about a collection of new kits we plan to announce over the next few weeks. They're all so festive and joyous and beautiful, and we really can't wait to share them with our customers!

What's your favorite color?

We always have our favorite colors of the season, which this year would have to be moody pinks, peaches, and purples, colors like our Honey Pink, Rose Granite, and Lavender Moon. But there are also colors that remain close to our hearts despite fashions and trends. If we had to narrow it down, those colors would be bright, clean pink (like our Super Pink), cool pale gray (like our Oyster Gray), and the perfect creamy white (like our Heirloom White)!

Thank you, Purl Soho!