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Wool + Wax Tote / Making No. 2 / FAUNA
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Wool + Wax Tote / Making No. 2 / FAUNA

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I haven't ever been much of a purse person. Sure, I've always had a few, one in black and one in tan to cover the basics. But I have, however, always been a big fan of tote bags, little ones, big ones, ones with funny sayings. There's something so easygoing about a tote bag; you can grab it, stuff it with whatever you want, fling it over your shoulder, and go! Their nature is probably what makes me feel that totes are the best buddy of bag types because they humbly carry all kinds of things from books and magazines to, you know, fabric. I think I got my love of tote bags from my grandma; they're the type of bag she makes most often as gifts, and frequently uses herself. And I'm not ashamed to say; I'd choose a tote bag over a purse any day, and pretty much do! 

Besides their functionality, tote bags are also easy to sew, making them a fun project, and the Wool + Wax Tote by Anna Graham from Making No. 2 / FAUNA is no exception. This bag has been on my wishlist for some time, so I was excited about finally giving it a try, and I am in love. It's the perfect size, is simple, beautiful, and functional, which is why it's become one of my favorite patterns. 

Since this a quick and easy project, it's excellent for beginner and advanced sewists alike. I was able to cut it out and sew it in one afternoon and was pleasantly surprised by how quickly it came together. I get a lot of joy from projects that are simple, yet beautiful, which is why I had so much fun with this one. Every once in a while, I love a challenge, but it's still the simple things that bring me the most happiness during the making process. I loved the process and finished project so much that I made three more, two as gifts, and one in a neutral colorway for myself. For being such a quick and easy sew, this tote has some lovely details, making it a beautiful and unique pattern that I'd highly recommend. 

Now, even though the Wool + Wax Tote is a nicer, more bag-like tote, compared to the ones used for grocery shopping, for instance, I thought it would be fun to come up with a list of general uses for tote bags since I love them so much. Did I mention that already? Here goes! 

 20 ideas for how to use a tote bag: 

  1. Bringing fabric home from the store to make more tote bags. 
  2. Carrying yarn and other making supplies.
  3. Trips to the farmer's market! 
  4. I'm pretty sure you could tote around a puppy in a tote bag.
  5. Collecting remnants of the outdoors, rocks, sticks, leaves, etc.
  6. Taking your laptop to a cute coffee shop.
  7. For a change of clothes after the gym or other activity.
  8. Transporting food for a picnic. 
  9. Collecting vegetables from the garden. 
  10. Overnight bag for a pup. My dog, Olive, has her own tote she recognizes that we use when she stays with my grandparents. 
  11. Containing emergency supplies in a car or home. 
  12. For miscellaneous supplies while camping. 
  13. Trips to the beach! 
  14. Reusable gift bag instead of wrapping paper.  
  15. Diaper bag.
  16. Kiddo craft bag. 
  17. For returning library books. 
  18. To organize supplies in your craft room. 
  19. For storing other reusable bags.
  20. Carrying around your copy of Making, of course! 

Do you have more to add? What's your favorite way to use tote bags? 

The Wool + Wax Tote is designed by Anna Graham and can be found in Making No. 2 /FAUNA on pages 22-27. The fabric used is our Fray Print canvas fabric, and the handles are from Noodlehead in the Natural color. In the second post on the Wool & Wax Tote, I'm sharing my sewing notes and tips

- Emily