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Making began in 2016 as a magazine + podcast, and has grown to be a recognized worldwide brand.

With new daily, weekly, and monthly scheduled content, we have developed a diverse loyal community of makers who would love to learn more about your brand and offering.


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A sponsored guest episode is a special extra podcast episode featuring you or your brand story. *Limited spots per year

The podcast is our voice - a place where each week we gather to hear the creative journeys of makers from all over the world. Since 2014, the podcast (formerly known as Woolful) has garnered the loyal following of thousands of makers, giving them a glimpse into the world of making and all the instrumental people within this amazing industry and community.


The content within each episode is timeless and downloaded by new listeners each week.


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BRIGHT Collective is our heart - a new monthly membership experience and the evolution of Making magazine. We take members inside our studios and making practice, sharing a diverse array of crafts and content. Members receive a monthly digital zine, including curated craft patterns, essays, recipes, member discounts, special community events, and more.


The content within each volume is timeless and perpetually viewed and downloaded by new and existing members.


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Our newsletter is our digest - a place where each week we share about happenings in the makerverse, people to take note of, books to read, resources, classes to take, and so much more.