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Maine, United States

Call For Submissions

Winter Vol. 4 / GIFTS 2022

We would love to have you contribute to Winter Vol. 4 / GIFTS, and invite
you to submit a proposal for consideration. Submissions are open to everyone.
Everyone, meaning people of every race, ethnicity, gender, ability, size, sexual
identity, and age.

We are currently seeking: knit / sew / garments / accessories / tabletop / bag
making / quilting / textile printing / weaving / felting / natural dyeing / crochet
With a color focus on neutral shades and a touch of rosy clay, “simple, cozy, and
warm” are the general themes for the GIFTS issue. Whether making for ourselves or for others during the holiday season, we hope to offer a sense of something truly special for both maker and recipient in this offering.

See below for an outline of contributor rates for Making’s 2022/23 publications. Rates will vary based on complexity and production scope of patterns and samples. We provide both the tech and craft editing, as well as modeled photos of your piece/project. After a 6-month exclusivity period, designers are free to sell the pattern on their own. Making is sold by over 450 stockists worldwide, providing a great opportunity for exposure and representation of your work.

Contributor Rates

Knit & Crochet 
Garments (graded): $700 - $1000
one size: $350 - $550
graded/multi-size: $400 - $600
Sewn projects: $350 - $1000
Sewn garments (graded) : $800 - $1000
Misc: $400 - $600
Essays, tutorials and recipes: $300 - $600

Important Dates
February 4th, 2022 - design proposal submission deadline
June 14th, 2022 - pattern and sample deadline
November 2022 - release date

Each proposal received will be reviewed and considered. If your design/project is chosen, we will inform you by email on February 11th, along with any
notes or suggestions. If your design/project is not chosen, you will hear from us by February 15th.

We see this as a collaborative process and there may be times we make suggestions regarding yarn/material choices or design elements based on your
submitted proposal and how it might best work in cohesion with the other pieces and projects in the issue.

Fill out the form below and you will receive the Winter GIFTS Vol 4 mood board and submission details via the email provided.