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Maine, United States


From Making No. 4 / Lines-

Oversized Kimono Jacket by Jenny Gordy 
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Fall Mountain Rug by Elizabeth Miller
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Download A4 Template

From Making No. 5 / Color-

Fair Isle Mini-Banner by Sam Lamb
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Finishing Hooked Coasters by Elizabeth Miller 
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Woolly Tattoo Floral Mittens by Tif Fussell
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From Making No. 6 / Black & White-

Japanese Style Linen Tote by Karen Stevens
Download Tote Main pattern piece

Punched Cushion by Rose Pearlman
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Array Shirt by Sonya Philip
Updated Cutting Layout
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Making Bag by Anna Graham
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Branta Apron by Sam Lamb
Download Big Triangle Template
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Needle Felted Animal Masks
Download Butterfly Template
Download Tiger Template

From Making No. 7 / Desert-

Desert Posy Embroidery by Lauren Holton
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Tool Rolls by Arounna Khounnoraj
Download Leather Tool roll pattern pieces
Download Fabric Tool roll pattern pieces

Pleated Pot Holder by Carolyn Friedlander
Download Large round template
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Emerald Dress by Rae Hoekstra
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Notched Leggings by Cal Patch
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Child's Backpack and Animal Keychains by Sanae Ishida
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From Making No. 8 / Forest-

Cabin In The Forest by Megan Ivy Griffiths
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Forest Folk by Michelle Marie
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Leaf Pillow by Arounna Khounnoraj
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Cedar Waxwing Hooked Pillow by Elizabeth Miller
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Mushroom Ornament by Margeaux Davis (Willowynn)
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Chaparral Overalls by Sonya Philip
Download Front Leg Pattern pieces
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Download Bib, Strap, etc Pattern pieces
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From Making No. 9 / Simple-

Screen Printed Picnic Blanket by Jen Hewett
Download Stones Template
Download Ferns Template

Punch Needle Rug by Arounna Khounnoraj
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Coastal Glasses Case by Aneela Hoey
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Bundle-Dyed Fabric by Jessica Unsell
Download WOF (weight of fiber) chart

Everyday Utensil Roll by Kristine Vejar
Download Mitered Corner Tutorial

Halfmoon Strand Dress/Top by Meghann Halfmoon
Download Cutting Layout and complete Size Chart
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