Maine, United States

No. 13 / OUTSIDE (digital)

$ 24.00

Making is a bi-annual themed publication of projects for knitters and makers.

Issue is digital. An email with a unique download code will be emailed with each purchase, redeemable and downloadable on the Making app. 

OUTSIDE - digital - represents an open mindset reminiscent of childhood joys brought by Spring and Summer days. The projects in this issue radiate a warm and playful mood inspired by bounces of light and gentle breezes on the hills, paths, and plains of our collective journey as makers.

Quilted Fern Pouch by Jess Lucas
Bucket Bag by Arounna Khounnoraj
Creamscicle Bunting by Kristine Vejar
Sandwich Bag and Napkin by Louisa Burtonshaw
Embroidered Drawstring Camisole by Sanae Ishida
Blocky Coasters by Daisy Aschehoug
Monstera Shorts by Silvia Sutters
Four Point Cushions by Youngmin Lee
Wildflower Kercheif by Sara Cooley
Lisbon Pullover by Jessica Jeong
Fledgling Blanket by Cassidy Seidler
Harpeth Shawl by Allison Jane
Areal Jacket by Paula Pereira
Roots Socks by Nataliya Guseva
Meriwether Wrap Top by Nicole Knutsen
Pine Hat by Leila Raven
Fawn Knit Doll by Susan B. Anderson
Breeze Pullover by Johanna Kunin
Monarch Butterfly Bag by Marie Régnier
Nomad Land Poncho by Naama Ido
Jiao-qing Shawl by Tiffany Chen
Artwork by Sunghee Park
Poem by Ocean Rose

Knit and sewn garment patterns are sized up to fit at least a 60" bust measurement.