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Making Conversation with Ashley Yousling and Carrie Hoge
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Making Conversation with Ashley Yousling and Carrie Hoge

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Hello! I’m your host Ashley Yousling. I started this podcast back in 2014 in the laundry room/closet of my San Francisco studio apartment. At the time I was working full time leading product at tech companies and while fulfilling, I was looking for a way to connect with makers and creatives outside of my tech life. I’ve always loved stories and could easily sit for hours listening to others share their creative journey’s. That is where this podcast all began, a way to story tell, a way to come together and connect with others just like ourselves. The podcast aired regular weekly episodes for a few years until I became a mom of two. Still working in tech, I found it nearly impossible to keep up and the podcast went on hiatus. Over the past few years it’s been an intention to relaunch the podcast in a consistent weekly format, to bring back the stories and some fresh new content. So here we are, back and better than ever. We’ve made a lot of changes to Making over the past year and Carrie my co-founder and I thought it would be fun to sit down and share a bit more about these changes, our lives, and what’s to come. So grab your project or go on walk with us as we dive in...

Immerse yourself in crafting culture. Making is a first-of-its-kind social marketplace app for makers, crafters, and artists where you can track projects, post to the feed, discover new makers, take classes and more! The marketplace will launch Fall 2022 and is an opportunity for sellers to increase their discoverability and audience, generate revenue, and build community. Making also just launched BRIGHT Collective—a crafty content experience delivered monthly to your inbox and the Making app! Think patterns, recipes, special discounts, monthly member events and more! 

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We're so grateful for our BRIGHT Collective supporters and wanted to give a shout out to two of them today.

Quilt Chic is a modern fabric boutique specializing in quilting cotton, notions, and supplies. They actively support women, BIPOC, & LGBTQIA designers. Visit their online shop at and find their beautiful physical store in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Fine Fettle Fibres is a small, independent shop obsessed with all things woolly. From their delightful shop in the beautiful village of Felton, Northumberland, they source and sell some of the loveliest yarns, in natural fibres, from the British Isles and beyond, teach workshops and host a knitting group. Visit their online shop at and their local yarn shop in Felton.

The biggest of thanks to everyone involved in this weeks episode. I hope you'll join me each week as we talk and learn from more fascinating makers. For podcast notes and transcriptions, visit our blog at and Have a wonderful week!


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