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Making Conversation with Leila Raven

Making Conversation with Leila Raven


Today we talk with Leila Raven. An artist, knitter, designer and maker, Leila leads a life where her creative and technical sides often converge in unlikely ways. Through personal connection and mindful process, Leila has found herself leading many creative endeavors in her career, pushing past personal and societal boundaries, into a space of self-love, spiritual, and physical healing.

Through her story, Leila shares her excitement and love for creating honest, meaningful work and digs deeper to uncover a need for connection and communication among a diverse range of voices and backgrounds. Leila's fingerprint is embedded in our Making publications, as well as in the hearts of our team and our community, through her contributions, creative direction, and open and honest friendship. You can follow her work at and on Instagram @leila_raven

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