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No. 12 / DUSK
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No. 12 / DUSK

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Join us as we warmly welcome the transition to DUSK. As we learn new ways of understanding our spaces with more time spent at home, we’re inviting a healthy balance of rest and relaxation into our daily lives. Our newest issue aims to savor the dusk—its colors and mood—and everything it offers to teach us about transformation. 

From notes of lavender and amethyst to sourcing purple dyes in nature, we’re celebrating the full spectrum of colors present in the sky during dusk, leading with a love for purple. 

Making Magazine No. 12 / DUSK

Contributors to 
No. 12 / DUSK include Rachel Gloria Adams, Bess Casey Wilke, Louisa Burtonshaw, Alexis Bailey, Kristine Vejar, Kimberly Hamlin, Tatiana Sarasa, Katia Ferris, Elizabeth Miller, Katie Dionne, Leila Raven, Tiffany Chen, Norah Gaughan, Eline Alcocer, Camille Romano, Saysha Greene, Ksenia Naidyon, Susan B Anderson, Julie Robinson, Paula Pereira, Elena Solier Jansà and Kathy Hattori.

Scroll through for a glimpse at our dreamy batch of perfectly purple projects featured in our latest issue and visit our shop to pick up a copy of 
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Last Light Pillow by Bess Casey Wilke

Last Light Pillow / Bess Casey Wilke

A quilted pillow inspired by moody winter light, savor the shades of a purple sky reflected on a snow-covered lake.

Blackberry Sleep Mask by Louisa Burtonshaw

Blackberry Sleep Mask / Louisa Burtonshaw

A sewn sleep mask with beautiful blackberry embroidery inspired by chilly days picking berries and cozy nights making jam. 

Umbra Lounge Set by Alexis Bailey
Umbra Lounge Set / Alexis Bailey

A handmade work from home lounge set for everybody. The Umbra was drafted based on the measurements of a 5'6" [167.6 cm] tall person with a C cup bust. Whereas physical copies state that the pattern was drafted for a woman, we have updated the digital issue of DUSK to include more gender inclusive terminology shared by the designer–you can also find it in errata

Checkerboard Quilt by Kristine Vejar
Checkerboard Quilt / Kristine Vejar

Create a stunning patchwork quilt designed by Kristine Vejar of A Verb for Keeping Warm. Perfect for beginner quilters and lovers of checkers. 

Needle Felted Checkers by Kimberly Hamlin
Needle Felted Checkers / Kimberly Hamlin

A perfect pairing to the Checkerboard Quilt, this simple set of felted checkers adds a playful touch to the cozy cabin vibe. 

Nightfall Shawl by Tatiana Sarasa
Nightfall Shawl / Tatiana Sarasa 

A hand-dyed gradient nightfall landscape created from natural dyes and, inspiration and intention. 

Fawn Dolls by Katia Ferris
Fawn Doll / Katia Ferris

Sew an adorable doll to cozy up with, inspired by shy fawns emerging during dusk's soft fading light.

Tide Pool at Dusk Rug by Elizabeth Miller
Tide Pool at Dusk Rug / Elizabeth Miller

Create a rug inspired by rippled tide pools reflecting dusky purples by combining non-traditional textures and materials with tried and true rug hooking techniques.

Intention Ritual for Self Care by Katie Dionne & Leila Raven
Intention Ritual for Self Care / Katie Dionne & Leila Raven

Make space for setting intentions with guided instructions on how to create a sea-salt scrub to use in your self-care practice. 


Double Brioche House Socks by Tiffany Chen
Double Brioche House Socks / Tiffany Chen

Knit a squishy set of worsted weight house socks designed to keep toasty during the night time wind down. 

Chain Pullover by Norah Gaughan
Chain Pullover / Norah Gaughan

Make a cozy pullover with intriguing cable work and a unique crossover neckline for a knit thats sculpturally beautiful and practical.

Stanza Wrap by Eline Alcocer
Stanza Wrap / Eline Alcocer

Wrap up in delicate mohair crochet lacework stanzas emphasized by breaks of contrasting color notes. 

Rivi Hat by Camille Romano
Rivi Hat / Camille Romano

Inspired by the curved lavender bushes, the Rivi Hat is designed with a rounded cable knit pattern and a lavender silk and mohair blend. 

Jasper Cardigan by Leila Raven
Jasper Cardigan / Leila Raven

A classic oversized knit cardigan designed with pops of texture and color for maximum comfort and classic feel.

Stoneridge Wrap by Saysha Greene
Stoneridge Wrap / Saysha Greene

Knit a modern panorama in converging colorblocked sections of single-color brioche and simple intarsia to create a stunning ridgeline wonder. 

Amethyst Crystal Blanket by Ksenia Naidyon
Amethyst Crystal Blanket / Ksenia Naidyon

The diamond pattern details of this blanket were inspired by the soothing and serenity attributed with of amethyst crystals, much like the comfort of a warm blanket.

Nightfall Doll by Susan B Anderson
Nightfall Doll / Susan B Anderson

These playful and cozy pals are designed to helped settle in at dusk and bring comfort and calm before bedtime.

Menahan Tank and Shorts by Julie Robinson
Menahan Tank and Shorts / Julie Robinson

A stunning knitwear lounge set, the Menahan Tank and Shorts are designed with hints of 1920s lingerie and sportswear flare–made to look good and feel good. 

Dealla Cardigan by Paula Pereira
Dealla Cardigan / Paula Pereira

Dealla is a delightfully detailed open-front cardigan with cable trims knit up in a cozy worsted gauge perfect for cold nights and brisk mornings. 

Lilit Pillow by Elena Solier Jansà

Lilit Pillow / Elena Solier Jansà

An ode to textural weaving patterns worked on a loom, the Lilit Pillow uses simple knitting techniques to give a structured pattern and woven fabric feel.

Essay by Kathy Hattori
Purposeful Hues: On Sourcing and Dyeing Natural Purple / Kathy Hattori

Take a journey through the multitude of ways to achieve purple hues with natural dye sources and techniques practiced throughout history in an essay by Kathy Hattori. 

Making No. 12 / DUSK
Artwork and Illustrations by Rachel Gloria Adams and Sunghee Park

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Floral Arrangements by Katie Dionne
Floral Arrangements by Katie Dionne of Petal & Stem