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Making Conversation with Marina Scott
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Making Conversation with Marina Scott

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Today we're talking with Marina Scott. Marina leads our user research and so much more here at Making. She's a mother, designer, maker, occupational therapist, and she also happens to be one of Ashley's favorite people on this earth. Marina has a powerful story and voice and one that we're so excited for you to hear today. You can connect with Marina on the Making app and Instagram @heartbunknitsandmore.

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We're so grateful for a BRIGHT Collective supporters and we wanted to give a shout out to two of them today.

La Bien Aimee is an artisanal dye studio and brand of hand-dyed yarn based in Paris, France, founded by Amy Gill. Offering a selection of bestselling and exclusive yarn bases, Amy has developed a variety of dyeing techniques that make her colors truly unique and sophisticated. Visit their online shop at

Dances with Wool is a local yarn store located in Midlothian, Virginia. Their commitment to you is to offer a wide array of quality, commercial and hand-dyed yarns, as well as spinning and weaving equipment and supplies in a supportive and inclusive environment where all your fiber needs are met. Visit their online shop at

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