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Making No. 2 / FAUNA Contributor Spotlight: Lori Ann Graham
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Making No. 2 / FAUNA Contributor Spotlight: Lori Ann Graham

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Enjoy an interview with Lori Ann Graham, creator of the Covered Journal from Making / FAUNA:

Tell us about your business. 

I can't ever remember a time when i wasn't making. I had a grandmother, her name was Rose. She lived in a tiny white wooden house with gardens of vegetables, flowers, roses! inside next to her cozy blue chair was her knitting basket, where she made all her sweaters and shawls and doll clothes for me. in her craft room was her sewing machine, perched on a small blue desk and always there was a dress in progress, hanging nearby. In the kitchen there would be a pie cooling on the windowsill or cookies fresh from the oven. and she even had a family of seahorses, real live ones! One time we watched them give birth! and so i learned to knit, and sew and garden and embroider and bake.. and i hope, i learned some of her graceful kindness and honest gentle ways.

What is unique about your work?

All designs are unique, meaning, even when we follow a pattern, each time it's going to turn out a little differently, from maker to maker. When i design something i like to think of it as more of a recipe, so that each individuals personality shines in the finished work.

Tell us a challenge you've faced in your work.

One challenge i'm still working on is realizing that there isn't time to do everything! i've knit and sewed, embroidered and woodburned and watercolored, i've painted and cross-stitched and needlepointed and oh, you see? the list goes on, i love them all, but i've found that i'm much happier narrowing down my passions (and even then, have you seen what's happened with knitting? 😊) to one or two at a time.

Share a funny story about something that happened with a project.

Just yesterday, i shared a project on instagram in the very beginning stages, the start of a very large shawl. one that i had already made. and happened to be re- washing and blocking this made a few years ago shawl, just yesterday too. My husband (my biggest fan) had seen and liked the photo on ig, and when he walked in the door and saw the same circular (huge!) shawl all done and hung up on a blocking board he said OH! WOW! that was fast! hee hee.

Why are you excited about the project you created for Making?

I am soo excited about this project i designed for Making for many reasons. I love to journal and i love to create journals. The fabric covered ones which I began making a few years ago evolved from covering books with paper (maps, paper bags, ephemera...) sewing and embellishing covers can be even more personal, truly an extension of the pages inside.

Share a project, either past present or future that you are especially proud of.

The projects i'm most proud of are the ones that inspire others, instilling confidence to make their own. Feeling like the beaming parent, that is the beauty of shared joy & happiness.

Thank you, Lori!