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Making No. 8 / FOREST/ Indoorsy Tunic by Denise Bayron / Cropped Hack

Making No. 8 / FOREST/ Indoorsy Tunic by Denise Bayron / Cropped Hack


One of the best parts of making our clothing is the ability to create custom garments that are unique to our bodies and personal style. Patterns are a lovely starting point, and we should always feel free to make changes and alterations to fit our desires and bring about our deepest creativity. We especially love it when designers encourage the maker to pursue creativity in this way. A great example of this can be seen with one of the knitwear patterns from our most recent issue, FOREST, with the cleverly named Indoorsy Tunic by Denise Bayron. Originally designed with a longer tunic-length body and short sleeves, Denise mentioned in the notes that this pattern is easily adaptable and would work well as a cropped pullover, and she made it happen! 

Denise modeled this cropped version for a photo shoot during our meetup in Maine, and it could not have been more stunning between our gorgeous maker model, her beautiful pattern, and the golden beachy backdrop. We've had a few questions about this hack, so we're sharing the details below! 

These notes are based on a size 40", which Denise is modeling in this post. When hacking this pattern, make sure to take into account the size you are knitting and make changes by either increasing or decreasing where suggested below, depending on what will accomplish the look and fit you desire.  

This crop is a simple hack, and all that's needed is a little less length in the body and a little extra length in the sleeves. 


Continue working in St st until the Body measures 6" [15.25 cm] from Separate for Body and Sleeves. The lace at the hem section remains the same. 


Continue repeating the lace sequence for 13 inches from the armpit.  

Happy knitting! - Making team