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BRIGHT / Vol. 1

BRIGHT / Vol. 1


We welcome you warmly to the wonderful world of BRIGHT! With the release of BRIGHT / Vol. 1 this Friday, April 15th the energy is electric, and we’re excited to share with you an immersive multi-sensory experience created for makers in print + digital + audio formats.

BRIGHT is a brand new contributor-based mixed media publication that aims to spotlight diverse voices, wellness, and the makers who bring sparks of creativity and innovation to our local and global communities.

Expanding the scope beyond traditional textile patterns and projects, BRIGHT seeks to include a broad spectrum of craft types and editorial features.
 For the first time, all pattern information and templates can be found exclusively in the digital issue, available on the Making app. This allows us to highlight the wonderful makers, beautiful photography, and vibrant editorial of BRIGHT in the print issue.

Bright Vol. 1 print magazine and digital issue shown on a phone with bluetooth headphones on a yellow background.

Experience the full spectrum of BRIGHT in Print + Digital + Audio formats.

• 5.5" x 8.5” 
• Approx. 96 pages
• Printed in USA

• Access digital download on the Making app
• 200+ pages of explorable content
• Additional photography
• Resources for The Land
• Patterns
• Templates
• Tutorials
• BRIGHT / Vol. 1 Playlist
• Contributor quotes
• Bonus content
• Expanded notes section

• Patterns and project info included in the digital issue
• Garment patterns are sized up to fit at least a 60" bust measurement

• 2+ hours of bonus audio content featuring the voices of contributors and the Making Co. team
• Accessible transcriptions available
• Listen as you explore the Making app and other apps

BRIGHT Vol. 01 print magazine and digital issue show on a phone with bluetooth headphones on a bright green background.

BRIGHT Vol. 1 Print + Digital + Audio Features:

Print+Digital: Welcome
Audio: Read by Celeste Blodgett (2 min)

Print + Digital: The Land by Making Co. Team
Audio: Read by Drisana Rosales (3 min.)

Print + Digital: Poem by Leila Raven
Audio: Read by Leila Raven (1 min)

Print + Digital: Beaded Bracelet by Donna Threadgill
Audio: Interview with Donna Threadgill by Marina Scott (15 min.)

Print + Digital: Pop-up Gift Box by Emily Yuk Mui Ching
Audio: Design notes by Emily Yuk Mui Ching (2 min.)

Print + Digital: Crossword Puzzle by Michelle Beckett & Carrie Cooper

Audio: Interview with Michelle Beckett & Carrie Cooper (15 min.)

Print + Digital: Comic by Melissa Kendall

Audio: Behind the Scenes with Melissa Kendall
Audio: Comic Script (Alt-Text Read Aloud) by Madelynn Sare

Digital Exclusive: Upcycling Tips by Lynda Shoup
Audio: Read by Lynda Shoup (4 min.)

Print + Digital: Gender Expansive Fashion Essay by Emilia Bergoglio
Audio: Read by Emilia Bergoglio (9 min.)

Print + Digital: Punch Needle Pillow by Kelly Wright

Audio: Bright Tiger by Kelly Wright (3 min.)
Audio: Short Walking Meditation by Kelly Wright (7 min.)
Audio: Sensory Awareness Training for Yoga Attunement (SATYA) for Walking by Kelly Wright (25 min.)

Print + Digital: Leather Pincushions by Nicola Natland

Audio: Leatherworking Notes by Nicola Natland (4 min.)

Print + Digital: Interview with Rachel Gloria Adams by Marina Scott
Audio: Read by Marina Scott (8 min.)

Print + Digital: Crochet Sweater by Quayln Stark
Digital Exclusive: Story by Quayln Stark

Audio: Read by Quayln Stark (5 min.)

Print + Digital: Shawl Pattern and Essay by Chase Harpole
Audio: Read by Chase Harpole (5 min.)

Print + Digital: Thrifted Terrarium
Audio: Interview with Keeley Swami Michael by Jen Joyce (25 min.)

Print + Digital: Criss Cross Mini Wall Quilt by Annabel Lowe Wrigley

Audio: Pattern Notes by Annabel Lowe Wrigley (3 min.)

Bright Vol. 1 print magazine and digital issue shown on a phone with bluetooth headphones on a pink background

Take care and shine BRIGHT!

The Making Co. Team

Bright Vol. 1 print magazine and digital issue shown on a phone with bluetooth headphones on a purple background.