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Julie Robinson smiling in a red knitted hat

Making Conversation with Julie Robinson


Today we talk with Julie Robinson whose journey as a maker crosses traditional routes with unconventional destinations. Throughout our conversation, we return to Julie's bravery and risk-taking along her path. With an education and profession in the world of fashion design, her creations have shifted from creating for the masses to making for the individual. As a designer, Julie shares her expertise through patterns and masterclasses that inspire and clothe diverse bodies with care.

Julie's exquisite knitwear designs and accessories are available on her website and are featured in Making Magazine's No. 12 / DUSK and No. 10 / INTRICATE, both available at You can follow Julie's journey on Instagram at @julieatwork and find her masterclasses at

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The biggest of thanks to everyone involved in this weeks episode, Julie, the Making team and our producer Alice Anderson. I hope you'll join me each week as we talk and learn from more fascinating makers. For podcast notes and transcription, visit and Have a wonderful week!

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