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Ep. 114 Learning to trust and take care of yourself with Raven Rose

Ep. 114 Learning to trust and take care of yourself with Raven Rose


Welcome to Making Conversation, a podcast where we celebrate making in all its forms; from amazing stories of inspiring makers and people, to behind the scene peeks of building BRIGHT Collective, our monthly crafting membership for all things craft, and the Making app, the first social marketplace for makers. We believe that the simple act of making can transform your life and in turn change our world. This is why Making exists.

I’m talking with Raven Rose, an amazing person I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know over the past couple of years as both a maker and practitioner. Raven is a product designer, accomplished herbalist specializing in womb care, painter, and so much more. She is also one of the instructors at our upcoming Ritual retreat and I can’t wait for you to hear more of her story. 

So pour yourself a cup of tea and have a listen. You can find Raven at

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We’re bringing giveaways back and we’re so so excited. This week’s giveaway is sponsored by Anima Mundi and they’re giving away a $25 dollar gift card to their incredible online apothecary and shop. Take a moment to visit their site at, read their wonderful blog, browse their huge selection of herbs, wellness care products, and more. To enter this giveaway is simple, leave a comment below!

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Moon Medicine / Guest site
Becoming Supernatural / Joe Dispenza's Book

This spring equinox, March 17-19, 2023 we will gather from all over the world to create a very special place, one where we can expand our skills as makers and learn rituals to help restore our bodies, minds, & souls. Join us for the very first Ritual retreat, including 9+ creative care workshops from an amazing lineup of instructors, community, and much more!

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The biggest of thanks to BRIGHT Collective members, you’re directly supporting the development of the Making app , production of this podcast, and everything else we do here at Making. We’re so full of gratitude and can’t wait to share everything 2023 has to offer.