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Making Conversation with Candice English


Today we talk with Candice English of The Farmer’s Daughter Fibers, a hand-dyed yarn company and storefront in downtown Great Falls, Montana. In 2019 she founded Sisters United, a nonprofit organization that grew from a deeply personal place for Candice. The mission of Sisters United is to share aid, opportunity, and tools for healing with the Indigenous woman and children in the rural Montana area, where she shares familial roots. Our conversation touches on the many paths of Candice’s journey, with creative drive and spirit leading the way. The various roles we play in life–whether maker, mother, entrepreneur, or all of the above–all start with an exploration of the imagination, and a vision for a better world and a better life.

To donate, support, or collaborate with Sisters United, visit and check out the Sisters United merchandise at, where 90% of proceeds go to the Sisters United Fund. You can connect with Candice on the Making app @thefarmersdaughterfibers and on Instagram at @thefarmersdaughterfibers and @sistersunitedmt.

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